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Economic Solidarity

Ladies at the peanut factory
Economic Solidarity is based on an inclusive model that incorporates key principals  and values: such as a shared vision, gender equality, solidarity, common good, equal  participation, trust, transparency, commitment to purchase  local organic products, mechanism to support local farmers, just prices, ongoing training, empowerment, protection of the environment, active commitment to improve the quality of life in the community.

Women United in Development

Women United in Development, founded in June 2007, is a group of 20 women whose mission is to produce and/or purchase local natural products such as honey, peanuts, yucca, fruits, and coconuts, in order to generate valued added specialty products, such as peanut butter, a protein bar called Nutrifort, marmalade, cassava, and candy.


  1. To empower women to see their own self worth and esteem , gain skills in business administration, and develop leadership skills.
  2. To give witness to the dignity of work by economically supplementing their family income.
  3. Produce different marmalade’s and candies using  local fruits that are often wasted.
  4. To improve the diet of malnourished elderly and children through the production of peanut butter and a protein bar called Nutrifort.
  5. To produce a variety of cassava tortillas made from yucca plants to be sold in local communities, senior centers, and in schools for breakfast.
  6. To protect the environment and encourage local farmers to plant organic peanuts and yucca plants.


St. Peter the Apostle’s Social Ministry Committee and their Health Promoters have developed a program to identify malnourished children under the age of six. Through this program, the Health Promoters have identified over 450 moderately to severely malnourished children in El Cercado.

Based on this data, the micro enterprise produced a protein bar comprised of: honey, milk, peanuts, coconut oil, and multi-vitamins, called Nutrifort. The Health Promoters selected 50 of the most malnourished children and began a pilot program, giving them 2 daily protein bars, in order to determine if Nutrifort would increase their weight.

After a month, most children gained 3.5 to 4 pounds. Some children, whom never improved in other programs, did so for the first time, some gaining up to 8 pounds. Other children in the pilot program that had the disease Kwashiorkor (symptoms include swollen body and very dry skin). This protein bar cleared their skin and helped them gain weight. Based on these results, we recommend Nutrifort for clinics, nutrition and senior centers, and all people who are underweight.

Babies who are no longer malnurished due to change of diet and nutrifort, our protein supliment.
Babies who are no longer malnourished due to change of diet and Nutrifort, our protein supplement.

The Micro enterprise sells the 3.2 oz Nutrifort protein bar for $RD 35.00 (US $.75) and the 16 oz Nutrifort jar for RD$150.00 (US$3.75)

Women show their Nutrifort product
Women United in Development’s product line  called “Mano a Mano”, (Hand in Hand)
The micro enterprise building of the Women United in Development (MUD)
The micro enterprise owned by  the Women United in Development (MUD)
Women United in Development's product line
Women United in Development’s product line
Cleaning peanuts to make organic peanut butter.
Grinding peanuts into peanut butter.
Women peeling yucca to make cassava
Women peeling yucca to make cassava
women make cassava
The final touches in making a cassava torilla



For more information and to order Nutrifort protein bars, peanut butter, marmalade, and cassava, please call phone or email: (809)-558-0215 or (829)-762-2762.